And On The Eighth Day, There Was Mud

Fort Vermilion Flood, 2020. The eighth day of the flood is marred with mud, sadness, loss, and the tiniest dash of hope.  The anger of the Peace River has broken to calmness. When I look out over the still water I almost forget the sight behind me: streets littered with dumpsters,everyone waist deep in mudContinue reading “And On The Eighth Day, There Was Mud”

A Lesson in Juxtaposition: The Flood Day 2

Fort Vermilion Flood, 2020. Today didn’t start as most do for me: an abrupt alarm measured only by Jack’s piercing barks and abrasive “kisses.” No, Today just phased in, an extension of yesterday. Time is measured not by hours or minutes, but by the rising and falling of the water level.  Today was a lessonContinue reading “A Lesson in Juxtaposition: The Flood Day 2”

When it Rains it… Floods?

Fort Vermilion Flood, 2020. Less than twenty hours ago after a short rap on my door, I found myself stuck between stations. A mandatory evacuation with an imminent flood held at bay by the smell of peanut butter sauce for my yet to be cooked chicken pad thai. It felt weird. It felt surreal; well,Continue reading “When it Rains it… Floods?”

Laura Stevenson on Audiotree Live: What we all Need

What else can I say, but where the hell have I been? Laura Stevenson is new to me even though she travels in the same circles that I have been digging through the past few years. She performed in Bomb the Music Industry! with the legendary Jeff Rosenstock, just to name one. I found outContinue reading “Laura Stevenson on Audiotree Live: What we all Need”

On Writers Block

Sometimes words fall like rainfrom the tip of your pendressed in inks: Blues, Blacks, Reds.A downpour of thoughts: Hopes and Dreams. Drowning out pages: Ruled landscapes washed away. But not today,The forecast just isn’t there.Perhaps tomorrow we’ll be lucky,and there will be rain. 25/04/19

A Return to the Simple: Part 1

The Age of Breakfast: The Age of Extravagance This is part one of a short series about keeping food simple, living in the moment, and how current day trends often take us away from this.  A while ago I started dubbing these last few years as The Age of Breakfast: The Age of Extravagance.There seemedContinue reading “A Return to the Simple: Part 1”