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Welcome to Newfoundlander Does! Here you will find various things. It’s a for art, thoughts, and hobbies. You’ll find poems, stories, food, photos, and more. 

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15 days of Loss, Materialism, and Growth

Fort Vermilion Flood, 2020. It has been 15 days since the flood began. I have been kept busy with helping others and situating my own life back into a groove. I have spent a good chunk of the last two days processing what I’ve seen and what I’ve been doing. The last major project was…

And On The Eighth Day, There Was Mud

Fort Vermilion Flood, 2020. The eighth day of the flood is marred with mud, sadness, loss, and the tiniest dash of hope.  The anger of the Peace River has broken to calmness. When I look out over the still water I almost forget the sight behind me: streets littered with dumpsters,everyone waist deep in mud…

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